Selkirk Rex,
Highlander und Britisch Kurzhaar Katzen

British cat

One of the most intelligent and adorable cats.
They are even-tempered and calm with almost infinite patience.
They love people and their owners, and they are loyal family members.
Since they have excellent adaptive skills, they easily make friends with other pets.
of Golden Velvet
They have even-tempered, therefore very popular among families with small children.
They need to petted and loved.
They are fully developed when they reach 2-3 years of age. By this time they become less lively and active, so this breed is ideal for those who want a calm pet.
of Golden Velvet
Build - they have a muscular, wide chest and a strong, straight back.
Head shape - rounded face, round snout, wide skull.
Eyes - big, round, wide-set eyes.
selkirkrex Lea
Végtag--lábai rövidek,erősek.csontozatuk erős.
Orr-rövid,széles, egyenes,stop nélküli.
Szörzet--tömött,plüss tapintású. Az alj szörzet sűrű.
 of Golden Velvet

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