Selkirk Rex,
Highlander und Britisch Kurzhaar Katzen

Fair and Square Jazz Up Jo Jo

He arrived at us in December, 2012 from the Fair and Square cattery in the Netherlands. He’s a very cute boy, who can talk all day and he needs to be loved. When he’s bored he throws a tantrum and we need to take care of him. He loves his mates very much, cuddles with everybody and licks them.

He loves his stomach above all, he eats a lot and he eats everything. When we sit down to eat, he immediately appears and wants to have a bite of everything. He can’t be asked to get off the table, if I put him down ten times, he comes back again until he gets some of the food we’re having.
Fair and Square Jazz Up Jo Jo
Selkirk Rex LH. Homozigota
Date of birth: 16.08.2012
Color: blue-golden-tabby mackerel (SRL ay23)
Blood type: N/N
FELV-FIV: negative
FIP: negative
PKD: negative gene test
HCM: negativ
Thanks to the breeder, Martie Bax
                 Upon request, I can provide the test results in e-mail.

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